What are Rabbit Shoes?

Rabbit Shoes are lead-free pewter luck charms that are the humane alternative to the traditional rabbit’s foot. Our goal is to help others look at luck in a new way, just as we have changed the way we look at rabbits (and their feet). Feel free to browse our site, and perhaps, take some luck with you. Like rabbits, our products will be multiplying. Currently we have for sale:

  • Rabbit Shoes Pewter Charms
    • The Original Rabbit Shoe
    • Rabbit Shoe Mary Jane
    • Rabbit Shoe Sleek Slipper
    • Rabbit Shoe Baby Bootie
Rabbit Shoe

Original Rabbit Shoe

Rabbit Shoe Mary Jane

Rabbit Shoe Mary Jane

How to Purchase Rabbit Shoes


While Rabbit Shoes are sold at a few select retailers in the United States, you are able purchase them directly from us online using your credit card or PayPal account. Click on the Charming Shoes link to see our current offerings or to place an order.

Are you looking for creative and affordable party favors for any age or any occasion? Or are you a retailer interested in Rabbit Shoes products for your store? Please click on the Contact link to send us a message inquiring about our discounted pricing for bulk orders and wholesale shipments.

Rabbit Shoes

A Different Look at Luck


We at Rabbit Shoes believe “Luck is how you look at it,” and that much, in life, is influenced by how we choose to view it. As part of that philosophy, we think that it’s time to look at luck from the rabbit’s point of view. Luck was never in the rabbit’s foot. It was always in the rabbit’s shoe!

The story is finally being told, and we are setting the record straight. Since the dawn of time, rabbits have been leading the way along dark forest trails. They were friendly and helpful creatures offering hope with easy footprints to follow. Yet, humans were confused and began to take their feet for luck. It’s time to spread the news, the luck is in the rabbit shoes!

For the full illustrated children’s story about the origin of Rabbit Shoes click on our Legend link.

Rabbit Shoes are about possibilities

They remind us that by changing our thoughts, and therefore the way we look at things, we are able change what we see in the world.